Friday, January 2, 2009

Breaking news: Music community helps members make money through community support

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January 2, 2009,, an online music community, announces a ground breaking movement of members supporting members!

Imagine this: you’re an artist or artist manager or author and you've got an upcoming project (album, or book) and 5 members buy it, and then tell 5 people. Imagine this: you’re a songwriter who needs to build your catalogue but you need beats. Producers need their beats sold. You buy beats from the Hits producers and build your catalogue.

Or say you're a great musician, artist, songwriter and you're great at what you do, and you just need exposure. Imagine members sharing your profile and telling all their friends to check out your profile. Imagine learning something about the music industry, (i.e. write GREAT lyrics, engineer a song, create a flyer, trick out your profile, imagine members showing you perhaps at a discounted fee or for free if you do something for them. Imagine wanting/needing to talk to music industry professionals being able to meet with them online.

That’s the movement!

Thedy B, CEO of explains, "Hits A Million, the name, the logo, and bull's eye symbol in the logo is about getting to a targeted goal! Hits A Million is a movement that is about members of the music community helping each other!! Why start another online music community if the community doesn't act like one? I believe that if the members pool their resources together, they can help each other's career and their career goals. is that place where members will do just that."

With an office in Atlanta, GA but with national and international membership, is the NEWEST and HOTTEST online social networking spots for music professionals! Currently at over 1,000 members strong, is quickly becoming the premiere social network for music industry professionals and is becoming a one-stop resource for recording artists, producers, songwriters, artist managers, DJs, music publishers, record labels, promoters, poets and all other music industry professionals in the music business.

"Catering to our members is our ultimate goal: Our members benefit from the many professional groups, activities, events, television programs, and forums we have on the site. The members love the site and refer new members to it all the time." " is a great site and I love making it the best it can be." Thedy B, CEO of

For more information about Thedy B, Hits A Million, LLC, and this awesome online music community, go to

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Music professionals must be traveling salesmen!

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In one of my prior blogs entitled, "Is MySpace making aspiring artist miss opportunities?" I advised aspiring music professionals to always be ready to meet a music industry professional in person and to give them exactly what they ask for when they ask for it. Then one of the commenters to that blog, Jason, went a stepped further and said aspiring artists should also be prepared to meet their fans. That comment sparked this blog.

To all the music creators, remember this: YOU.... ARE... A ... TRAVELING...SALESPERSON!

If I met you in person and asked you about your music and whether I could hear your music, would you have your music on you right then and there? Or would you only direct me to a website? A great traveling salesperson always has product on him that is ready to sell! A great traveling salesperson is never out of product. Are you?

But to know whether you are out of product, you've got to first know your inventory. Do you know what you have available to give? How many business cards do you have? Is your stock of business cards low? Do you need more? How many CDs do you have on you? Where are your CDs? Do you have them on you? in the car? in your purse, bookbag, briefcase, around your neck or your wallet (in case of jump drives)? Your music is your product. Therefore, your music is something that you should have on you at all times because you never know who you will meet and if the person you meet is ready, willing, and able to purchase your music on the spot!

Give your customers what they want every time they want it, however they want it, by always having on you what they want when they want it.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Music Professionals must be traveling Salesmen.

Thedy B,
Hits A Million, LLC
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is MySpace making aspiring music professionals MISS opportunities?

(c) 2008 Hits A Million, LLC

Many aspiring music professionals, when an industry professional asks them about their music, will quickly say go to my MySpace page. I've consistently read and heard this reply. Even at music conferences where music professionals expect to get a CD, an aspiring music professional will say, "I don't have any music on me, just go to my MySpace page." In fact, many aspiring music professional will come to a music conference with no business cards either and will again say "everything's on my MySpace page."

That is a BIG mistake!

1. You assume that the music professional has time to go to your MySpace page.
2. You assume that the music professional will remember to go to your MySpace page.
3. You assume that the music professional will only listen to your music when they get to MySpace.
4. You assume that the music professional won't get distracted by other friend requests, other "come check out my music" requests, emails, blogs, status inquiries, etc.
5. You also make the mistake of having that music industry professional go through an extra step that he or she wouldn't need to go to if you were just prepared when he or she asked to hear your music.
6. You assume MySpace is up and working and that their play counts are accurate.
7. You assume the industry professional isn't having, or won't have computer problems.

Assumptions are not the foundation for success.

MySpace is a tool, a resource, just like Hits A Million. Don't miss opportunities because you are not prepared to give the industry professional exactly what they ask for when they ask for it.

Plus, you must understand your audience and the scenario. Music industry professionals are given, emailed, mailed, and listen to literally hundreds of Mp3s a week! If you have that person's ear right there at that time, why make them wait until later? Why not have an Ipod, your Iphone, an MP3 player or something to play your music on right then? I've heard it said that success = preparation meeting opportunity. Thus, if you are not ready when the opportunity presents itself, you have possibly missed out on that chance for success.

Granted you SHOULD have a MySpace page. It's become an industry standard. Some industry professionals won't even look at you seriously if you don't have a MySpace page. But when someone asks to hear your music, you should have an MP3, a CD, a jump drive, and any other form in which music can be distributed and then let the industry professional say, no, I'd rather go to your MySpace page. By being fully prepared, you can at least ensure that you haven't missed an opportunity to finally be heard by a music professional because the only place you have your music is your MySpace page.

Thedy B, CEO
Hits A Million, LLC

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Networking is not Jumping Jacks

I hear people say all the time, "I'm grinding." Yeah...? Really...? Are you...? Or are you really just doing jumping jacks: moving but you ain't going nowhere? Many people continue to do the same thing over and over again and wonder why nothing's changed. Yes, some things come through persistence. But dog, if you been doing the same thing for 10 years and nothing has happened, then perhaps you need to change what you're doing or take it up a notch. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting different results. Maybe it's time to stop doing jumping jacks, and start walking, no, sprinting to the next move in your music career!

In one of my earlier post, I gave you a total of 33 different physical places you can go to network and meet producers, songwriters, artists, demo singers, A & R professionals, new fans, and new businesses who are looking for you! But some people will read that information and then not do it. Some will read it and take off with the information, taking their career to the next level.

What are you going to do?

Thedy B

Thursday, October 9, 2008 - The premiere social network for music industry professionals

New! Hits A Million reaches almost 100,000 views in one month!! Come see why music professionals join this premiere social network every day! - The premiere social network for music industry professionals

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Hits A Million theme song contest!!!

2008 Hits A Million Theme Song Contest Entry form.wpd is one of the fastest growing social networking sites for music creators with over 80 members in a week and over 54,000 views in one month. And the site is constantly growing with new members and new content! Now needs a theme song which reflects what this site is about.

Do you think you and/or your team can write the winning theme song for Hits A Million?

Here's how the contest will work: Out of all the entries, five songs will be selected to move to the next round. The top five songs will then be judged by not only Thedy B, but by other seasoned music industry professionals, including two music publishers, a club DJ, and a Grammy-award/Stellar awarding winner producer. All of the top five songs will receive feedback from the judges. From those five songs, one song will be the winner. If you are chosen to be the winner, not only will your song have been judged by industry professionals but you will be the featured writer/producer on Hits A Million. You will get a full write up on the site, including your name and profile picture. Additionally, the song will be featured as the first song on the Hits A Million playlist on the main page. Your song will also be featured on the Hits A Million MySpace band page and a simple Youtube video will be made as added promotion.

Interested in participating? Then here are the details:

The deadline to enter is September 19, 2008

For more information, come to

The team!!

Because there are so many things that I want to see done at that I had to have a team. I needed a team that was enthusiastic, helpful, resourceful, knowledgeable, loves music and had a servant's heart. Well I finally have the team that I wanted. Interestingly most of my team members turned out to be some of the members who initially joined right after I launched it. It's not coincedental though because typically the people who join you at the beginning see the vision you have for what you're doing and have demonstrated at least an outward show of support for you and what you're doing. So I'm grateful to the new team at

This site is much bigger than me though. As I've said before it's about the members of the site. It's about the vision of the site. It's about the goals of the site. Our goal is to help the music industry professionals reach their individual goals in the music business. And the members see and know that because they invite others to join, they LIVE on the site, and they always help each other out.

So come join us at

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Events on

Another thing I love about is all the great events I get to tell members about. There are all type of events that I post there in an events tab. Regardless of what you do in the music industry, I'm sure I've posted an event you'd be interested in. From music conferences, seminars, training courses, songwriting contests, beat battles, anniversaries, etc. Members also post events up so recently we had some Internet radio stations post events about their radio programs! Plus, members get to RSVP and let others know they are going and members can go together! You can also share the events with your "friends" on Hits A Million. So that is yet another thing besides Chat time that you can enjoy on

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Official Hits A Million Chat time on is this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. EST!

Come out and join us on for chat time. See my previous blogs on what the official Chat Time is. Come chat, network, get feedback on your music, and if your music is hot enough, your music will be featured! Chat time is always a lot of fun and information!

Upcoming chat times will feature music industry news and information, a producers' beat battle, a poetic moment, and other new and exciting ways for you to showcase your talent!!!

So come out to the Official Hits A Million chat time this Thursday, August 14th at 7:30 p.m. EST!!!

Don't miss it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Next Hits A Million chat time is tonight at 7:30 p.m. EST!

As I mentioned, I have really enjoyed the conversation and networking that I've been able to have using the chat room on! So we are doing Chat Time again. Chat time is a formal time where we get together network, listen to each other's music, get feedback, vote on each other's music and the winning tracks/songs get featured on the main page! So if you are free tonight, come join us on